“How Title X Cuts Impact UW Women’s Health (published June 20, 2018) extensively discusses our nonprofit clinic 3W Medical for Women, but you failed to get our side of the story. We were contacted once by intern Keiko DeLuca on June 6 through email. On June 7, twice I called what she gave as her direct phone number and left voicemails. She did not reply at all, nor did she follow up with email. The photo showing vehicles and crediting her reveals that she came to the clinic while we were there working, yet she did not come inside to speak with us.

Our website www.3wmedical.org describes our philosophy and services in detail. We are not a “crisis pregnancy center.” We do have a limited scope of outpatient services, none of which require after-hours physician availability. Our medical consultation includes education about abortion and contraception as requested by the patient, but that is a small fraction of what we do.

You quote Dr. Sarah Prager, who has never spoken with any of us. She erroneously says that “3W presents itself as a full spectrum women’s healthcare center.” She also claims “that they have a stated agenda about encouraging women to continue pregnancies.” Nowhere do we say that. See the website:

“Our mission is to respectfully provide compassionate evidence-based sexual health services and education necessary to make informed healthcare decisions.”

On the About Us page:

“3W Medical for Women believes that women are strong, smart and capable of making their own reproductive health decisions.”

The King County Board of Health never ordered 3W to post signs and we do not fit their definition of a crisis pregnancy center any more than ObGyn offices who provide the same services.

3W does not plan to apply for Title X funding. We do not feel that it applies to us because we are not a substitute for federally qualified health centers that provide ongoing established patient care.

Finally, medical providers at 3W are volunteers, including me. All who have volunteered so far are board certified in ObGyn. The implication that we provide misinformation or substandard care is highly offensive. We welcome patients to see for themselves by scheduling a free of charge consultation and exam (for STI or other lab testing, the charges are minimal).

Your readers should know that we are here to help women in need to the best of our ability, no insurance needed. We are happy to answer their questions about appointments if they call or come by.

5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Well-Woman Exam – The Seattle Times (October 11, 2017)