SEATTLE, Washington, July 26, 2017 –Last week, the King County Board of Health passed BOH17-04, a regulation requiring limited service pregnancy centers (LSPC) to notify clients in advertising and in the waiting room that, “This facility is not a health care facility.”

Legal Voice, a progressive feminist organization, provided a report in support of the bill, which inaccurately named 3W as one of several King County limited service pregnancy centers, implying that 3W would be required to post the sign as well. 3W meets Washington State’s definition of a health care facility as any facility “associated with delivery of inpatient or outpatient health care service”
(RCW 70.37.020).

“We will not be posting the sign because we are a health care facility. The regulation has been falsely applied to us in the report compiled by Legal Voice,” stated Helen Nguyen, Executive Director of 3W Medical for Women. 3W is a health care facility operating under the direction and supervision of Dr. Susan Rutherford, an experienced and respected OB/GYN. All services are provided by licensed health care providers and the organization is governed by a board of licensed health care professionals, a structure which goes above and beyond most health care organizations.

3W Medical for Women has been providing women’s sexual health services in the University District since April, and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients.

A recent patient had this to say about her experience:

“With the rising health care costs, and my needed medical appointments, I was trying to figure out how to pay for everything. I was well overdue on my women’s wellness checkup because I couldn’t afford all the medical appointments I needed all at once. I decided to do some research into some more affordable doctors who were offering women’s medical care. I went on Google and found 3W Medical. I made an appointment to see them. Dr. Rutherford performed my gynecological exam. She was gentle, thorough, and was present in listening to me and my concerns.” – Michelle L., 3W Patient

3W leadership and the King County Board of Health however do agree on one thing: “We do believe that non-health care facilities should identify themselves as such. We are committed to honesty and transparency, which are essential to good patient care. I am adamant that we will not be posting this sign. With my medical credentials, we would be lying to our patients to do so,” said Dr. Susan Rutherford, CEO and Medical Director.

Visit 3W’s website,, today and learn more about the many health care services that are being provided to the Seattle community free of charge or at nominal cost.


SSusan Rutherford MD
Medical Director
(206) 588-0311

Helen Nguyen
Executive Director
(206) 588-0311